Readings Offered     

All sessions are temporarily postponed until Summer 2022, however the booking calendar is open for future (summer and beyond) sessions.

  • Provides intuitive guidance and healing on a variety of life areas.

    1 hr

  • Provides evidence and healing messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

    1 hr

  • Provides psychic training to those seeking to expand their abilities.

    1 hr

    50 US dollars

All sessions (with the exception of coaching sessions) are free, unless otherwise noted, as Lauren has been on hiatus since contracting COVID-19 and developing Long COVID, and wishes to return to her practice for development purposes, first-and-foremost. This does not mean that readings are any less authentic or accurate; it simply means that Lauren wants to ensure that she is the best practitioner that she can be, without the pressure that for-cost readings can ellicit.