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After close to 3 years of a pause in public readings to support her personal health and global Long COVID advocacy and research needs, Lauren reopened to the public in January 2023. As such, all sessions (with the exception of coaching sessions) are free until September 17, 2023. The $1 fee seen upon booking will be waived, and no invoice will be sent. Until that time, and to honor that while readings prior to September 17, 2023 will be free of charge but not free on Lauren's time and energy, Lauren asks that you provide a written testimonial on Google and/or Yelp in lieu of compensation. Lauren is not presently charging for readings as a way to ease herself back into her practice and her development without the pressure that for-cost readings can elicit, however she aims to give you (and/or your loved one's in Spirit) the best readings that she can, all while she's actively developing her abilities.

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