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  From my heart to yours 


Since as far back as 3 years old, Lauren has experienced the reality and beauty of Spirit. While other toddlers had imaginary friends that resembled animals or children their age, with their visiting periods lasting for a short duration, Lauren enjoyed the friendship and support of a Civil War naval captain by the name of Captain Jack, complete with Union attire and brass embellishments, persisting for years. Growing up in a family that had no vocal interest in Civil War history, nor objects of the era nor related shows or movies within the home, Lauren's early experience with Spirit became a flag that she was different Throughout early childhood Lauren experienced visitations from departed family members within her dreams, and as a young Medium was the catalyst for her immediate family members experiencing a shared physical mediumship (mediumship that is externally witnessed) encounter with her departed grandfather, which enabled her family to become more open to and aware of Spirit. Due to these experiences and being raised in a multi-religion household, Lauren was able

to flourish in an environment that did not seek to stifle the sharing of spiritual experiences, but instead afforded her with the bandwidth to transparently express her abilities without fear of judgement, stigma or ridicule. Lauren spent her formative years  independently

researching global religions, philosophy and quantum physics (the gateway to the scientific understanding of the metaphysical), and settled on her faith being that of the Golden Rule, to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12), and a deep knowing that a higher, creative power was catalytic to all life, and connected to and within all life.


While Lauren's abilities were suppressed throughout her teenage and early adult years due to societal stigma and her own lack of understanding of who and what she was, Lauren received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and Law with a minor in Biological Anthropology, with the intent of helping to solve injustices and provide closure to families, and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree with a specialization in Advanced Military and Operational Studies, with a similar intent of protecting others against injustices. In short: even when tuning out Spirit, Lauren's innate desire to compassionately be of service to others was a guiding compass in her life.

After her higher education journey and moving to the North, Lauren returned to her metaphysical calling by serving as an Intuitive on Boston's premier science-first paranormal investigation team, the Paranormal Research Association of Boston (PRAB), for 3 years. Lauren's aim in this role was to uncover a scientific explanation for paranormal experiences, and supported hundreds of private and historic location paranormal investigations. This work only further opened Lauren up to the reality of the metaphysical, and she quickly began pursuing spirit photography as a result of experiences via paranormal investigations. Lauren remains one of the most prolific spirit photographers with an online presence to this day, and although she was not aware at the time of hobby onset, her spirit photographs and videos are a product of her mediumistic abilities (claircognizance and clairsentience, resulting in a "knowing" and a "feeling" of when and where to photograph), with dozens of unedited and authentic apparitions and spirit energy captures shared online


Lauren formally acknowledged her spirit communication abilities in 2019 after a near-death experience, and swiftly began studying mediumship under multiple world-class Mediums across New England and the UK, in an effort to understand the science of mediumship. In 2020 Lauren became a member of the Spiritualists' National Union and trained internationally at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England. Shortly thereafter, Lauren was forced to abruptly pause her mediumship development and practice as a result of contracting COVID on March 10, 2020, subsequently becoming the first person in the United States to discuss the lingering effects of COVID (Long COVID) in mainstream media. Her vulnerable and transparent public sharing - all while severely ill - was triggered by a psychic knowing of the global scale of what was to come regarding the illness, and all without knowing about "post viral illness" at the time (due to society's neglect of and ignorance to all related conditions). Despite battling relentless medical challenges and traumas - which continue to this day via her continuous Long COVID journey - Lauren dedicated all good health moments outside of full-time work and part-time advocacy, research and community leadership work to studying under the tutelage of world-renowned Evidential Medium Andy Byng as a student within his Advanced Progressive program. As of 2023 Lauren remains a student within Andy's mentorship program, and is additionally studying under the mentorship of renowned Spirit Artist, Joseph Shiel, with the aim of becoming the best Medium that she can be, and of becoming a Medium who is dedicated to raising the standard of mediumship.


As a person and as a spiritual practitioner, Lauren's mission is to offer transparency and simplicity to a subject that many feel is out of reach, seeking to bridge the gap between the physical and the metaphysical via science as well as via objective and subjective evidence. Lauren hopes to help others shed the fear and stigma that society has wrongfully conditioned to us to feel and believe in regards to the metaphysical, hoping to help others reconnect with their own innate spirituality. Lauren feels honored to connect with you and your loved ones in Spirit, and feels equally blessed to share her psychic abilities with others, as both psychic and mediumship sessions are amongst the most healing modalities on Earth, providing healing on a level that few other modalities can reach: the soul. Lauren stresses that despite what the (wholly inaccurate) stigma regarding Psychics may lead you to believe, these sessions are never about scare tactics, "curses", or any such negative or fear-inducing subjects, as that is not the language of Spirit nor of genuine spirituality. As a trauma-informed, grief-educated practitioner, Lauren's sessions are targeted at supporting soul-level healing, and of upholding the deep ethics of this line of work, all while helping you to reconnect with your own power and spiritual essence.

Lauren resides in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and two cats, and works full-time for the US Government. When Lauren isn't working, advocating, supporting mediumship development and readings, or managing her Long COVID illness journey, Lauren is hiking in the White Mountains, finger-painting impressionist-style paintings with oil sticks, or simply anywhere immersed within nature. Lauren regards herself as a lifelong "compassion advocate", striving to inject empathy and compassion into a society that is becoming stricken with privilege and biases, in the hopes of helping to counteract the severing of our connection to ourselves, to others, and to Spirit.

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