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Available Online via Zoom

Mediumship Reading

Provides evidence and healing messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

  • 45 minutes
  • 80 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Mediumship sessions are purposed with connecting you with your loved ones in Spirit, with the aim of providing targeted evidence as well as healing messages, helping to validate the continued existence of your loved ones after the soul's transition that we call 'death'. Mediumship functions via the practitioner blending with the soul(s) of your loved one(s) in order to articulate their life's story. If you can imagine yourself as a spirit who's been afforded with the special opportunity to once again have a conversation with your loved one in the living, what would you say? What would you include within the elevator speech summarizing your life to ensure that they knew without that they were connecting with you? As you can imagine, each speech would look differently for everyone, and would consist of everything from unique shared memories to their career(s), personality traits, hobbies and interests, relationships, important objects, health and passing information, and more. In short: the Medium serves as a conduit of evidence and messages from your loved one(s) in Spirit, doing all that they can to ensure that this special meeting provides awareness of their continued existence, as well as soul-level healing for both yourself and your loved one(s) in Spirit. Mediumship supports the healing of the souls of our departed loved ones just as much as it supports the healing of the souls of the living, and it is a remarkable ability that is both challenging (there is no such thing as a perfect reading, as Mediums are human first-and-foremost, and as misunderstandings inevitably happen just as they do within conversations amongst two souls within the living!) and miraculous all at once. Mediumship sessions are based upon the needs of your loved ones in Spirit above all, and as such, Mediums cannot guarantee which loved one(s) will communicate during your session. We encourage you to be open to hearing from any of your loved ones, no matter how long ago they transitioned! If your soul has a deep need to connect to a departed loved one then that may enable such a hoped-for communication to occur, but factors such as personality, healing need, and even how they communicate affects whether or not they will work well with the Medium, as not all souls work well together, just as we know from our experiences with the people that we meet within living! Mediumship is about love and connection for both the living and the departed, and is a profoundly healing service.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your session, please provide 48 hours notice for a full refund by contacting Lauren through the website's Contact Form.

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