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Available Online via Zoom

Intuitive (Psychic) Session

Healing guidance into the needs expressed by your soul, helping to align with your soul's potential.

  • 1 hour
  • From 1 US dollar
  • Online

Service Description

Psychic sessions are purposed with helping you to align with your soul's potential, as well as uncover areas of your past and present that your soul is needing to express within the context of your current life path. Psychic sessions function via the practitioner blending with your soul in order to articulate the story of you - inclusive of evidence of your past and present, so that you have assurance that the practitioner is connecting to you, which is vital for healing to take place - and seeks to shed light on your soul's potential and offer guidance into your alignment with that potential. Psychic sessions may touch upon a variety of life areas including health, social as well as romantic relationships, family, career, interests and hobbies, and more, with the areas needing addressed being articulated by your soul and what it most strongly needs to bring to light. It is important to know that while your mind (ego) may want to discuss one life area, psychic readings are not intended to appease the mind - which often disables us from being in alignment with our soul, with its own chatter and difficult to tune-out demands - and are instead purposed with giving your soul a voice above the chatter, helping you to confirm, validate and/or realize your potential in life. These sessions are not intended nor able to "tell you the future" but are instead intended to help you understand your future potential and become more in alignment with that potential, should your free will enable that to occur. These sessions will not diagnose health conditions but may bring voice to and discuss ailments and future healing potentials, and these sessions will never discuss negative or fear-inducing topics, as that is not the language of the soul. Psychic sessions are among the most healing services in the world - giving voice to the soul can trigger deep healing within the person, which has a ripple effect across all life areas and therefore extending out to society and the collective as a whole - and simply require you to be open to the process, and compassionate to yourself in the process. What psychic sessions should never be are: vague, fear-inducing, negative, unrepresentative of you, lacking evidence of your past and/or present, predatory or demanding. Psychic sessions are about awareness of self, alignment with one's potential, compassion and reflection of one's past and the effects of the past on a person's present and future, and above all, healing.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your session, please provide 48 hours notice for a full refund by contacting Lauren through the website's Contact Form.

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