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  • What happens when I submit a booking request?
    Each booking request is reviewed by Lauren and will be responded to as soon as Lauren is first able, and generally within a week of receiving the request. As Lauren is not yet a full-time Psychic Medium, and only offers readings on select weekday evenings and on the weekends, Lauren is currently booking readings months in advance. Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with all of the pertinent information needed for your upcoming reading.
  • Do I have to believe in spirits to book a Mediumistic reading?
    This is a common misconception and your religious and/or spiritual beliefs or curiosities do not impact your loved one's ability to communicate through Lauren or any other Medium. That being said, and as articled in question 1 of this FAQ, the more that you are open to spirit, the more likely it is that you’ll receive in-depth, quality messages and be receptive to the evidence and loving messages that are provided. To put it simply, if you believe in God then you believe that spirits exist. If you believe in angels or saints then you believe that spirits exist. If you believe in ghosts, earth-bound beings, and even in the fact that animals have souls, then you believe in spirits. And last but certainly not least, if you believe that you have a soul then you believe in spirits!
  • What do I need to do before, during and after a Mediumistic session?"
    This is maybe the most important part of a session and one that does requires your help for the sake of ensuring that you get the best reading possible: BEFORE: 1. Starting as soon before your session as you'd like (but certainly on the day of your session), begin thinking about your departed loved ones. The spirit world is simply a thought away, and your thinking of them before working with Lauren will ensure that they are understanding of your intention to communicate with them. 2. You are welcome to bring objects from or pictures of your loved ones to the reading, but please keep them concealed and away from Lauren's view. These objects may help further strengthen the spirit connection, and it may also serve as powerful evidence from the spirit world, should your loved one mention the object that you've brought. 3. Ensure that mentally and (as best as possible) emotionally you're in a stable and healthy place before your reading. Those experiencing fresh grief will be harder to read for, so please focus as best as you can on the love of your loved ones and the gratitude you feel for them. This also includes arriving at the session with as positive of an attitude as possible; if you've had a difficult day before your session begins, communicate this to Lauren and she will work with you to raise the vibration to ensure that you get the best reading possible. If stress is building before the session begins, Lauren suggests taking a calming quiet walk in nature, listening to uplifting or calming music, or simply drinking water and taking deep breaths in through your mouth and out through your nose. It may seem silly, but to get the best reading possible you and your energy do play a part as well! DURING: 1. With body language that isn't closed, Lauren asks that you simply listen and respond "Yes", "No" or "I Don't Know" during your session. You can elaborate if you feel the need to, but please do not provide specific information in your explanations, as Lauren's job is to help validate spirit through targeted information that your loved ones provide to her. Please remain as aware of what Lauren is saying as possible, as she is unaware of what the symbols may mean (whether literal, metaphorical, etc.) and as it is your job to understand how they resonate with you and your relationship with your loved one. For instance, when Lauren asked a spirit for their name, a daisy appeared in her mind and she said precisely what she saw: if the sitter had not been listening or understanding that the spirit was using the image as a literal description, the validation for the name "Daisy" would not have occurred. 2. Take notes or record the session via your silenced cell phone. This is an imperative step as you can better validate the "I Don't Knows" that may arise during the reading once the session has ended. This will come in handy when you've spoken to family or friends in order to verify the information that was provided. 3. Smile! This should be a loving experience knowing that your loved ones are still very much with you, so the hope is that you'll enjoy the communication as much as possible! Lauren will do her best to not shed tears if and when emotional messages arise, but if tears do fall then please know that Lauren is simply feeling and expressing the love and gratitude that your loved ones are impressing upon her. You have every right to cry as well, and Lauren will strive to ensure that they are the happiest tears possible! Tissues will be present as a just in-case! AFTER: 1. The only suggestion for after a reading is to allow yourself to think about and feel the love and validation that your loved ones brought through. If there was evidence or messages that you need to double-check with family or friends about your departed loved one, contact them for further validation. Lauren is always excited to hear when such validations occur, so please don't be shy if you feel the need to share such information with Lauren!
  • What do I need to do before, during and after an Intuitive session?"
    To put it simply, the only thing that must be done before a Psychic Intuitive session is for you to feel a strong need or want regarding a life area, and for that intention to be set before the session begins. For instance, if you are curious about your current career path and would like Lauren to focus the session on this core area, simply think about your desire to learn more about the career pathways that lie ahead of you, bringing energy to that subject. During the reading your only requirement is to listen and be open to the information provided, and to communicate your thoughts/feelings with Lauren as you see best fit. Outside of that, all that you're asked to do is enjoy! Psychic Intuitive readings can be extremely healing and enlightening, but above all they can be a fun way to explore your past, present and future. Lauren is not a fan of scare tactics and finds those who proclaim that psychic sessions should entail "demands" or "you must" statements to be wholly unethical and against true intuituion and spirituality. Psychic sessions should reduce stress and worry; not kick it into high gear!
  • What does a Spiritual Medium experience during both an intuitive and mediumistic session?
    Although there really is no "one size fits all" as each person receives information from the spirit world differently, most Spiritual Mediums will either see (clairvoyance), feel (clairsentience and/or clairkinesthia), hear (clairaudience), smell (clairolfaction), taste (clairgustance), or will simply just 'know' (claircognizance) information. These abilities are referred to as the "clair"abilities and most Mediums receive information from Spirit via 1 or more of these extrasensory abilities. During an intuitive session the Spiritual Medium is connecting to your auric field and not with the spirit world. This energetic connection is a heart-to-heart connection and the information received is essentially downloaded from you and uploaded into the awareness of the Spiritual Medium. If you are energetically open and your heart and mind are receptive to the reading, information will flow from the Spiritual Medium to you. During a mediumistic session the Spiritual Medium is connecting to the spirit world and not to your auric field. This high vibrational energetic connection is described as an "up-and-out" connection ('up' from the Spiritual Medium's being and 'out' to the meeting place that bridges the two realms) and information is subtly given from the spirit world to the Spiritual Medium, and then directly to you. The spirit world uses the Spiritual Medium's "database" of memories, symbols, images, sounds, smells, etc. to help the Spiritual Medium make sense of the information, and this is precisely why certain spirits and certain Spiritual Mediums work better together than others. Not every Spiritual Medium is capable of working with every spirit due to their ability (or lack thereof) of relating to the information received. Additionally, Spiritual Mediums will use a combination of clairabilities to perecive and then ultimately translate this information into targeted evidence and messages, which is what you will hear during your reading. Spiritual Mediums must maintain a high vibrational energetic link (referred to as "being in the power") with the spirit world throughout the reading to ensure that the communication flow remains strong and active. This is also why you and the environment of the reading must be safe, loving, open and gentle, as poor body language, negative feelings or words, judgement, and a closed mind and/or demeanor make it exceedingly difficult for the Spiritual Medium to maintain and hold a viable link with your loved ones. In regards to what Lauren experiences during a mediumistic session, Lauren utilizes a combination of all clairabilities with the ultimate way that the information is perceived being dictated by your loved ones. Lauren's strongest abilities are currently claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. She will use descriptive words such as "I get the sense that", "I see", and "I feel".
  • Is there anything that I need to know for my upcoming session?
    Other than ensuring that you cancel within 48 hours of your reading if you have a need to do so, the following information is important to know in advance of your reading: 1. You may record your session via a recording device (including a cell phone or voice recorder) and/or journal. This is YOUR session and it is often very helpful to refer back to what was discussed or shared, if and when needed. 2. Your session is not intended to, nor should it ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice, and you should always seek the appropriate professional advice as needed. 3. Prior to connecting, please do not share any pieces of information about either your loved ones in Spirit with me (if mediumistic), or the details of your personal life. Psychic Mediums work best with a “blank canvas”, and this also helps you to receive a knowing that the evidence that comes through the Psychic Medium is authentic. That being said, during your session there will be opportunities to respond to and reflect upon information shared, however Lauren does ask that for all mediumship readings, that you try to limit your responses during the reading to "yes", "no", or "I don't know", sharing feedback at the end. 4. Before a mediumship session, Lauren requests that you take a moment to become aware of your loved ones in Spirit, thinking of memories shared and simply even thinking of their names and what they looked like. The strongest and clearest connections occur when you are emotionally in an open state, but it is important to know that Mediums cannot and do not determine which loved one in Spirit connects, as this is entirely at the discretion of the Spirit world and their needs, as these sessions are equally as beneficial to them. Oftentimes the departed loved one that you strongly wish to connect with does come through, however Lauren asks that you be open to any loved one in Spirit, as she is not in control of who steps forward to connect. 5. It is completely normal to feel a bit nervous before your session, as even Lauren feels nervous before each session (with that nervousness being an excited, positive energy, as that vibration is one that actually helps aid mediumship!). To help ease your mind, however, please think of your session as a time and place for you to receive a tremendous amount of love, connection and support. Our time together is for you and your healing as well as the healing of your loved one in Spirit. Additionally, as we are all energy and as psychic and/or mediumship connections are all via the language of energy, please do not forget to bring an open mind and open heart to your session, as your energy directly affects the Psychic Medium: if you're excited and open and your energy is coming from a positive place, the connection will be strongest; if you're skeptical, judging or hesitant and as such your energy is coming from a negative place, the connection will be similar to pulling teeth for the Medium!
  • Can a negative spirit or entity be conjured during a reading?
    As a Medium since early childhood and as a former Intuitive on the Paranormal Research Association of Boston (PRAB), Lauren has never encountered any negative spirits, and that's including in some of the most notoriously "haunted" locations in America. The idea of negative spirits is one that has been circulated since the dawn of mankind, and is paramount to our human desire to put things into neat labels: good versus bad, light versus dark, etc. Both Lauren as well as she her international network of Spiritual Medium peers have yet to encounter any malicious or negative entities through their spirit communication. This does not mean that such entities do not exist, but for true Mediumship to occur, a Medium must raise their vibration in order to connect with the spirit world who have slightly lowered their vibration. Operating at this high vibration means that Mediums are in a love-forward state of being, which simply does not allow for anything but love-forward connections. The old saying that "like attracts like" rings true within the world of Mediumship, and that is precisely why you will never have to worry about evil or negative entities connecting during or arising from a reading. The "scariest" entity that may communicate during a reading is a departed loved one whom you may not have liked while they were in the living. These spirits generally come through with profound apologies and/or recognition of their less-than-kind ways while in the physical world. Lauren urges you to remember that a Mediumistic session is simply Lauren connecting you to your loved ones in spirit, with the only difference being that they no longer have a physical body for you to witness while conversing.
  • Leviticus 19:31 talks poorly of Mediums. Is spirit communication against God’s wishes?
    Many Spiritual Mediums get this question and it's always a very sad one to get as there's a lot of stigma regarding spirit communication primarily due to this passage. In short, it is not for any human to say what is against God's wishes. God is a force of love, acceptance, unity, honesty, and pure good, and our God-given free will exemplifies God's love for us finding what aligns with our own individual purpose as it relates positively to the collective humankind. If God were to be against spirit communication or psychic abilities, these gifts would surely cease to exist or instead be used for nefarious reasons, but that is certainly not what genuine spirit communication and psychic information is about. Instead, such communication is centered around raising the awareness of humankind and understanding that death is merely a transition and that life and love are eternal. It teaches us to learn to love ourselves and others now, in order to evolve spiritually and emotionally, experiencing the beauty that this schoolhouse that we call life has to teach us. It is a deeply loving, healing and profoundly enlightening experience, and one that helps to shed the fear (of our own mortality) that underpins much of the pain, anger, aggression, hatred and upset that plagues our world today. Although there will always be "good" and "bad" in this world - those being extreme ends of a sliding scale spectrum -, a world that doesn't fear death and instead understands that our spiritual purpose is to evolve into selfless, loving, wholly accepting beings is a world that has evolved beyond fighting for selfish, survival-or-judgement-based endeavors. So what about Leviticus? To put it simply, Matt 17 within the Bible brings to our awareness Jesus' speaking to Moses and Elijah. Both Moses and Elijah were deceased at the time of Jesus' communication, meaning that Jesus himself engaged in spirit communication, which was witnessed and testified by his disciples. For those unfamiliar with the passage and its meaning within the Bible, it was the result of those communications with Elijah and Moses that God proclaimed that Jesus was his son and had instructed humankind to listen to and follow Jesus. This moment is quite pivotal within the Bible and it is oftentimes regarded as the "transfiguration.” Furthermore, Jesus never instructed that speaking with the deceased was against God's will or his teachings, and instead Jesus encouraged us to be like him. Additionally, and to further prove the point, Leviticus 15:19-33 also states that at the end of a menstruating woman's cycle she must bring 2 turtledoves or pigeons to a priest for sacrificing - one for a sin offering and the other for a burnt offering - in order to appease the Lord. The passage also states that menstruating women must be kept away from society and that menstrual fluid is a mark of "impurity", which we presently understand is simply inaccurate. Leviticus 19:19 also says that we should "not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material"; 12:5 says that if a woman births a female that she "shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days", and 20:9 says that if anyone curses their mother or father that they "shall be surely put to death". That being said, it is understandably hard to question faith-based teachings that have been taught literally, however it is wise for all to follow the words of Matt 7:1 and live a life that does “not judge.” So please do not worry about what God wants or does not want: God transcends all religion and only God knows what is best for humankind and what is best for God. No human, Biblical or otherwise, can dictate otherwise.
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