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Life is the schoolhouse

and love is the lesson.

Meet Lauren

Lauren's greatest passion and sole motivation in life is to provide healing and support to those in the physically living and to those in Spirit, whom she refers to as those who are metaphysically living. Lauren is an internationally trained, trauma-informed and ethics-driven Evidential Medium and Psychic who is dedicated to raising the quality of mediumship through her work. Lauren is committed to transparently and respectfully helping those open to the reality of the continuation of life after physical death to reconnect with their physically transitioned loved ones, as well as to reconnect with their own spiritual essence and awareness. Lauren feels a profound call to help demystify and bring awareness to the reality and closeness of the Spirit world to us all, and seeks to de-stigmatize and re-legitimatize the most profoundly healing, humanity-supporting and love-cultivating line of service - as well as the oldest line of service - in this world: that of spiritual service. Lauren's mission is to help those in the living feel closer to their own spirituality, helping them to see through the ignorance-based societal conditionings and misguided stigmas relating to the metaphysical, and to honor loved ones in Spirit by providing them with a voice (including evidence of their continued existence) to help the physically living recognize their continued, loving involvement in our lives.


Client Testimonials 


"The reason for communication is love, love governs communication, whether it be in the love founded on the relationship between people who know one another on earth, or the love of service and the desire to help mankind that attracts unknowns to one another." 

- Silver Birch, through medium Maurice Barbanell (1902 - 1981)