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  Life is the schoolhouse and love is the lesson.

about       Lauren

Lauren is an internationally trained, trauma-informed and ethics-driven Evidential Psychic Medium who's life purpose is focused on raising the quality of mediumship throughout the world, and providing healing and spiritual awareness to souls seeking her services. Lauren feels a profound call to help simplify and bring down-to-Earth the reality and closeness of the Spirit world to us all, and seeks to de-stigmatize and re-legitimatize the most profoundly healing, humanity-supporting and love-cultivating line of service - as well as the oldest line of service - in existence: that of spiritual service. Lauren's mission is to help those within the living reconnect with their soul and its guidance, often tangled in the chatter of the mind/ego and the human experience that we as spiritual beings are immersed within. Her mission is equally to provide healing for those within the living who are experiencing grief, trauma and/or a desire to reconnect with their physically transitioned loved ones, as well as to provide healing to our loved ones in Spirit, providing evidence to validate their continued existence, and giving voice to messages that they seek to share with those within the living.


what does "psychic medium" mean?

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What is psychic connection?

Psychic connection is a soul-to-soul connection with a physically living soul (you!) that enables a Psychic practitioner to tune into your past, present and your soul's future potential. Contrary to false representations in the media and the  work of under-developed/poorly taught and/or inauthentic and disingenuous practitioners, psychic readings are not purposed with "seeing your future" and instead are targeted with helping to connect you with your soul's purpose and potential, helping you to live in alignment with that potential. As we each have free will, the choices that we make can either support that alignment or work in contrary ways to our achievement of our soul's potential. These readings seek to bring light to that potential, and to provide guidance that enables the mind (via awareness) to be in synch with the soul's  expression and its future potential. While we are born with a deep connection to our soul and are aware of our unique potential in this life, misalignment occurs due to past and present experiences that our mind (not our soul) triggers, as well as external factors that can be outside of our control. As such, psychic readings should not be vague, fear-inducing or void of evidence, and it is imperative that psychic readings tell the story of YOU, inclusive of past memories and events, hobbies and interests, relationships, and more. 

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What is mediumistic connection?

Mediumistic connection is a soul-to-soul connection with a metaphysically living soul (departed loved one) that enables a Medium to tune into their life's journey while they were on the physical plane of matter, Earth. When a Medium connects mediumistically they serve as a conduit between your loved one's soul and your own, enabling a meeting from beyond the thin veil of what we call life and death, with "death" being nothing more than a change in matter, and with our energy - our soul - persisting. Newton's first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, and with this knowledge we can scratch the surface of conceptualizing how - from an energetic standpoint - these communications occur.  Mediumship readings should always be evidential and tell the story of your departed loved one, including any combination of their personality, memories, hobbies and interests, career(s), relationships, discussion of their passing, and anything that you can imagine yourself sharing should you have a rare opportunity to give your life's story in an elevator pitch to a mind that is able to listen and understand! These readings also often contain messages - after all, they come forward for a reason! - and Mediums do not have a say in who comes through: this is dependent upon their personality, their need, and even how well they can work with a Medium, as not everyone works well with everyone, just as is the case in the living!

"The reason for communication is love, love governs communication, whether it be in the love founded on the relationship between people who know one another on earth, or the love of service and the desire to help mankind that attracts unknowns to one another." 

- Silver Birch, through medium Maurice Barbanell (1902 - 1981)

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