Image by David Clode

Life is the schoolhouse,

and love is the lesson.

Meet Lauren

Lauren's greatest passion is providing healing and support to those in the living and those "differently living", through her work with Spirit. Lauren is a Spiritual Medium, also known as a Psychic Medium, who has been aware of her gifts since a young age, and has continuously felt a profound call to help demystify and bring awareness to the reality and closeness of the Spirit world to us all. Lauren's mission is to help those in the living live with less fear of the "unknown", bringing them closer to their own spirituality and on a positive path of spiritual healing, and to honor your loved ones in Spirit by sharing their messages and providing evidence of their continued existence. Lauren's sole focus is on providing transparency to a subject that many feel is out of reach, helping to bridge the gap between religion and spirituality, and the continuum of life.


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