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Mediumship (Spirit Communication)

Provides evidence and healing messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

  • 1 hour
  • Online

Service Description

Connecting you with your loved ones in Spirit, with the aim of providing targeted evidence and healing messages, helping to validate the eternal existence of your loved ones after physical death. Mediums cannot guarantee which loved one(s) will communicate during your session, as this is dependent upon your loved one and their (and your soul's) needs, however the loved one(s) that communicates always does so for important reasons. The evidence brought forward can include shared memories, physical and personality descriptions, details surrounding their passing as well as important life events, and is not a choice of the Medium: it is entirely dependent upon your loved one's needs and wishes. These sessions are therefore immensely healing to the physically living (you) and the differently living (your departed loved one).

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your session, please provide 48 hours notice for a full refund by contacting Lauren through the website's Contact Form.