About Lauren    


Lauren deeply believes in the healing power of the spiritual world and is passionate about helping others to feel comfortable with its loving existence in their lives. Lauren has experienced the power of Spirit since early childhood and has devoted much of her life to understanding and connecting with the world of Spirit, although she still has much to learn. Lauren's gifts first began at the age of 3 and continued into her teenage years, receiving targeted spirit communications from departed family members initially via her dreams. Lauren was raised in a multi-religion household, which enabled Lauren to independently research and experience religion, ultimately living under the direction of the Golden Rule, to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12).

In early adulthood, Lauren received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and Law with a minor in Anthropology, and a Master of Public Administration degree with a specialization in Homeland Security and Defense. Lauren pursued these degrees with the goal of providing support, closure and help to those in need, and with a goal of supporting society as a whole, not fully knowing (at the time) that this soul purpose would evolve further beyond academic and government work. After graduating with her Masters degree and beginning her professional career, Lauren's spiritual abilities become undeniable (despite trying to resist her abilities for fear of the unfortunate stigma and misinformation associated with Psychics and Mediums), and she began to acknowledge and honor her authentic self.

To validate the experiences that Lauren was having and to "prove" the spirit world to herself, Lauren served as an Intuitive on Boston's premier science-first paranormal investigation team, the Paranormal Research Association of Boston (PRAB) for 3 years, and has performed paranormal investigations across the United States. Although Lauren's mediumship began at a young age, Lauren formally acknowledged her spirit communication abilities in 2019 after a near-death experience, and began studying mediumship under the tutelage of world-class Intuitive Mediums across New England and England. In 2020, Lauren became a member of the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU) and trained internationally at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England, in addition to training domestically under various professional Intuitive Mediums. As of 2021, Lauren is studying under world-renowned Spiritual Medium Andy Byng as part of his Progressive Program, and is committed to being the best Medium that she can be for both Spirit and the living.

Lauren feels deeply honored to connect with you and your loved ones in Spirit, and to help those in Spirit connect with their living loved ones (as these connections are equally healing and helpful for our physically departed loves ones). Lauren views herself as a translator between the world of Spirit and our physical world - and often jokes that she feels like "Barbara Walters of the Spirit world", interviewing and sharing the stories and messages of your loved ones in Spirit - and she is immensely grateful for each connection that she makes and the healing and spiritual awareness that often comes from those connections.

Lauren feels equally blessed to share her psychic/intuitive gifts with those seeking such guidance, as these sessions can be profoundly healing and enlightening to those seeking such readings. Lauren stresses that despite what the (wholly inaccurate) stigma regarding Psychics may say, these sessions are never about scare tactics, "hexes", "curses", or any such negative or fear-inducing subject, as that is simply not the language of the Spirit world or genuine spirituality. These sessions are about healing, realizing your soul's potential, and equally about honoring each person's free will. 

On a personal level, Lauren lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and two cats, Kawa and Nyota, and works as a full-time Federal employee, working part-time as a Psychic Medium. When Lauren isn't working, giving readings to the public and her loved ones, or helping to manage a global Covid-19 Support Group, she is hiking or skiing in the White Mountains, painting with oil pastels, getting as close to nature as can be, and serving as a "compassion advocate" with a goal of injecting empathy and compassion into society.